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Three-key switch
Main button is intuitive and clear Thermal and cold control switch
Specially designed for luxury bathroom
Superior Material
Rain shower: Powerful effluent can bring fresh feeling Beginning
a new era of showering
professional and excellent
Saving The Water Saving The Health
Cozy, health, cultured, an ego space that unfolds whole body, a pure sping that regulates wates temperature freely, washes city hubbub of go to busy day, letting the mood put to fly freely
Technical support
Subdue to the warm and romantic water spirit,let your heartbeat,
match your wise choice
smooth technology
shinning palting technology
thermostatic techology
eco water saving technology
Little taps, related to home improvement in all aspects of the various parts of the installation method for all inventory taps at home. A...
A, Style      To determine the faucet and wash basins, sinks, bathtubs, shower are matched. B, function  ...
A. Before assembling, it is necessary to remove various impurities in the tube so as to avoid damaging cartridge, causing blocking, cl...
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